Burning Sands Invitational High School Showcase VII

Burning Sands Invitational High School Showcase VII

How do I maximize my exposure to Top High School Coaches and Scouting Services?

How do I maximize my chance to make one of the Grassroots Post Season All Star Teams?

The answer is the Burning Sands Invitational VII for 4th - 8th Graders!


The Burning Sands is a Showcase Event for middle school prospects (including current 4th Graders). Our Fall League participants have the benefit of auditioning for us, the top HS Coaches in the DMV, and the top Scouting Services in the country every weekend during Grassroots games.  

In an effort to give a fair shot to those kids who are playing in other leagues, the Burning Sands has been expanded.  All of the top public and private school coaches in the DMV will be on hand at this event and they will be looking for the next crop of talent to fit their program needs.  The question is, will you be there to get noticed?.

In addition to exposure to the top HS coaches in the DMV, this is additional look for the FBU Teams State All Star Teams.  This is NOT the official FBU Tryout, but we are always scouting for talent for our MD State Teams.  We don't put more stock in any event more than the Burning Sands when finalizing roster spots for the FBU Teams.

Don't miss it.  Space will be limited, so sign up before spots run out!

Burning Sands Invitational Tryout:
Where: St. Johns High School
             2607 Military Road, NW
             Washington, DC 20015

Registration: www.TheGYFL.com
When: Sunday October 7th
Time:  4th, 5th & 6th Graders register @ 8am; Compete from 9am to 11am
           7th Graders register @ 10am; Compete from 11am to 1pm
           8th Graders register @ 12pm; Compete from 1pm - 4pm

The event is Sunday so that all youth playing games on Saturdays could make it. Having the event at the beautiful St. Johns campus so that we could have much more room to accommodate the demand.  Come in your complete team uniform from head to toe for identification purposes.  This will be a full contact event!!!!! 

Wear your game day uniform and place a piece of white trainer tape across the front of the helmet with their name and grade written in magic marker.

See a Burning Sands Video from a prior event to get a feel for what we will be doing.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcPc6Aq_Fpo

Schedule of Events:

  • Registration
  • Intro by President Mike Anderson
  • Release to field for Dynamic Warm up
  • Break down into individual position groups for Position Skills and Drills
  • One on One sessions (WR vs DB's, RB vs LB's, TE vs Safeties, OL vs DL
  • 7 on 7 Session for skill players
  • Inside Drill for Lineman, LB's, and RB's.
  • Closing Instructions

Grassroots Game Changers Fees are waived.

Grassroots Fall League participants without invitations fee is $35.00 

Non-Grassroots Fall League participants fee $50.00 

This is not a meat market and we are not trying to maximize numbers.  We want quality players who are serious about getting to the next level.  The price increase will weed out those less serious and allow us to manage the numbers more effectively.  

If you are registering as a Fall League participant, in the Notes section of checkout,  you must include the Team and Division that your son is playing for in order for your discount to be valid.  (i.e. Metro Virginia Varsity).