FBU National Champ Tryouts #1

FBU National Champ Tryouts #1

How do I make a Team?

Note: League members pay $30.00 for the the first event, while non league members will pay $40.00

GYFL and FBU will offer elite try-outs that we will use to select the teams.  We will review highlight tapes of Non GYFL players, evaluate weekly performance at GYFL Games, and evaluate at the Burning Sands Showcase event.   

Team Maryland:
The date for the Official FBU try-out  is Sunday Sept 30th, 2018.

Date: Sunday Sept 30th, 2018
Address:   St. Johns HS
                 2607 Military Rd, NW
                 Washington, DC
Time: Check in at 12:00pm to 1:00pm.
          Try Out from 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Feel free to submit nominations and highlight tapes to m.anderson@thegyfl.com.

T-Shirts will NOT be provided for the try-outs.  Bring both sneakers and football cleats.

Please Wear your Official Youth Club GAME Jerseys for ID Purposes!!!!!!